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Scholarly Communications

The scholarly communications and publishing ecosystem, including formats of academic literature (journals, monographs, edited collections), research impact, grants, copyright, Open Access, Open Educational Resources, and non-academic publishing.


A grant is funding awarded to an individual or entity by another generous body. These bodies, both public and private, award grants for the purpose of investing in public development and well-being. In contrast to loans, grants are generally not to be repaid. Because of this, grants can be a great way to receive the money necessary to finance your research.

original source: Emory University

Finding Opportunities

Identify Interest: Research Development

The Division of Research and Innovation is your all-inclusive resource for finding external funding opportunities. The first step in the process is identifying your research interests and how they align with external funding opportunities. If you are new to the process, we encourage you to email and set up a one-on-one session to gauge your needs and how our office can help you. 

Research Development Resources  

Internal Funding and Limited Submission Opportunities
  • Internal Funding Opportunities - Internal funding opportunities are occasionally provided by the University of Memphis to faculty. 
  • Limited submissions are national calls for proposals that only allow a certain number of applications from the University. To inquire about a limited submission, email



  • GrantForward - Database of external funding opportunities accessible to all faculty
    • Visit the Grant Forward website and select Sign Up.
    • Use your University of Memphis email to sign up using our institutional subscription.
  • Academic Analytics Research Insights Training  
    • Check out this training to see both of these tools demonstrated


  • Team Science Matchmaker - If you need help building a team, start with the team science matchmaker to help get your team built
  • Division Training Resources - Every training on every topic, all in one convenient space (UofM Login Required)
  • Academic Analytics Consultation - If you need help building a pool of funding opportunities, schedule a one-on-one with
  • INFER bridges the gap between research and practice by matching University faculty and local nonprofits to increase grantsmanship.


  • One of the best ways to stay informed about funding opportunities is to sign up for Listservs from funding organizations agencies you are considering. Here is a list of some options. 

 Contact Our Team

Crafting Grant Proposals

original source: ACS Authoruniversity, Episode 13


Writing a Grant Proposal - Resources

original source: Purdue University

Including UofM University Libraries in Grants

There are many ways you should consider including UofM Libraries in your grant proposals!

  • If you need access to a new database for research or articles that the library does not have access to already, you should consult with a librarian about budgeting
  • If there is need for research assistance to delve into resources during the Literature Review phase of the grant writing process, the Librarians for UofM are here to help!
  • The librarians of UofM have many areas expertise ranging from education to anthropology, music to medicine, and some have advanced degrees in technical writing and instructional design! Check out the faculty profile page to see if there are any who would be a good fit for collaboration with your next grant.

Also, check out the video below for a presentation on not only writing grants (aimed at graduate students), but also a discussion of including libraries in your grants.

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