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Scholarly Communications

The scholarly communications and publishing ecosystem, including formats of academic literature (journals, monographs, edited collections), research impact, grants, copyright, Open Access, Open Educational Resources, and non-academic publishing.

Publishing Edited Collections

Edited Collection

Unlike monographs, edited collections are assembled with the works of many authors around a unifying topic. Tasked with writing an individual chapter, authors submit their work to be organized alongside others by an editor. Edited collections tend to be published quicker than articles or monographs because of their collective nature.

Edited Collection Publishing Process

What's The Process? How Do I Get Published?

You have decided to take on the task of compiling and editing an edited collection. Even though you will be working alongside other scholars, the process takes time, and it will put your organization and time management skills to the test. As editor it is your responsibility to guide your colleagues through the publication process. In preparation for this undertaking, review the responsibilities of the editor throughout the stages of publication below:

  1. Planning your edited collection
    • Determine contributors and focus of the manuscript
    • Prepare a proposal to submit to publishers
  2. Publication agreement
    • Sign publication agreement
    • Distribute contributor releases to those working on the edited collection
  3. Drafting and compiling a manuscript
    • Facilitate chapter development by working alongside contributors
    • Write editor’s introduction and any chapter for which you are responsible
  4. Preparing manuscript for peer review
    • Compile and arrange contributors’ work
    • Make sure the work meets the specifications laid out in the publishing contract
  5. Revising your manuscript
    • Edit and respond to changes suggested by peer review
  6. Preparing for board approval
    • Provide revised manuscript
    • Request abstracts for each chapter from contributors
  7. Final manuscript submission
    • Collect finalized chapters from contributors
    • Confirm you have a signed release from each contributor
    • Again, make sure the work meets specifications laid out in publishing contract
  8. Working alongside publisher during design and production process
    • Communicate with project editor to oversee copyediting
  1. Market you edited collection
    • Get creative! This is a great time to use social media