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Scholarly Communications

The scholarly communications and publishing ecosystem, including formats of academic literature (journals, monographs, edited collections), research impact, grants, copyright, Open Access, Open Educational Resources, and non-academic publishing.

Academic Publishing

At some point during your journey as an academic you may find yourself ready to publish the conclusions of your research. While the prospect can initially be daunting, this is an exciting time. It is your turn to contribute your thoughts to the academic world. As you will see there are different types of publications that fall under the umbrella of academic publishing. It is your job to decide which publication is the best stage for you research to be presented. Though there are differences between publishing an academic article and publishing a monograph, it is important to remember that all academic writing is formal and intended for a scholarly audience.

Author Agreements

Why Does It Matter To Me?

As a part of negotiations with a publisher you will be asked to sign an author agreement. Author agreements outline the rights and obligations of both the author of a manuscript and the publishing body. These are legally binding contracts, and it is incredibly important you scrutinize the agreement before signing because you may be asked to sign away certain rights to your work. It is your responsibility to negotiate this agreement to meet your future needs.

Since author agreements often outline who holds the copyright of the research it is important to consider how you may want to use the research in the future. Would you like to be able to post your research on a personal website? Would you like to be able to use your research for teaching? Would you like to use your research in future publications? These are the questions you need to be asking yourself when negotiating an authors agreement or you could find yourself without the rights to your own work.   

What's The Point?

Publishing is more than just a manuscript submission, it is a process that requires you work closely with a publishing body. You will confer with an editor who will likely provide revisions to your work. Working in tandem with an editor, you will develop your manuscript into what will eventually be published after a review process. This process takes time but at the end of it you will be a published author. 

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