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Explore virtual collections of books and ebooks by monthly themes curated by University of Memphis librarians.

Anti-Racism and Allyship

Trigger Warning

The materials contained in this book list deal with themes of race and racism, discriminatory words and actions, white supremacy, violence and brutality, and could therefore be mentally or emotionally triggering. Please proceed with caution.

Recent national events have revealed ugly and enduring inequities in American society, sparking anxiety, upset, and outrage; in response, Anti-Racism reading lists have been circulating across media channels in abundance. Through The University Libraries, you have access to these titles and many more.

As an institution of higher education in one of the most diverse communities in America, the University of Memphis is committed to being part of the solution. Let's begin the work as a community to become better allies by educating ourselves on the systems, beliefs, powers, and people that have oppressed Black Americans since the dawn of the nation.