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Advertising Books in the Library

Advertising Call Numbers

The Library of Congress Classification system is used to arrange materials on the shelf by subject with a system of call numbers. Below is a breakdown of call number ranges for advertising. Most advertising books are on the 3rd floor of the library, but look in the Reference collection (1st floor, Learning Commons) for encyclopedias, directories, and other reference materials.

  • HF5801-HF6182: Advertising
  • HF5803: Dictionaries, encyclopedias, directories of advertisers and advertising agents
  • HF5811: History of Advertising
  • HF5814-HF5815: Study and teaching of Advertising
  • HF5822: Relationship to Psychology
  • HF5825: Advertising copy. Advertising writing
  • HF5827-HF5828.2: Advertising forms (Specific types and issues)
  • HF5837-HF6146: Advertising Methods
  • HF6161: Advertising by product, profession, service, or industry
  • HF6178-HF6182: Advertising agencies

Advertising Subject Headings

Click the links below to search the library catalog by subject heading (formal terms used in library catalogs to describe and group materials by subject). Can't find a good subject heading for your topic?  Ask us!

New Advertising Titles

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Recommended Databases

In addition to the databases listed on the homepage of this guide, search these article databases with keywords to find and access advertising articles in magazines, newspapers, and academic journals.

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