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Lambuth Library Assistant Training

What is the Online Public Access Catalog?

The Online Public Access Catalog is a search area on the library's website where anyone may search for items owned by the library. It is similar to the old card catalogs that libraries used to have but it is completely online. It is commonly called OPAC. Our OPAC looks like this:


Our OPAC will find books from all University of Memphis libraries, but many Lambuth Library patrons are interested in finding books that are located just at the Lambuth Library. Below are the instructions to find them using the OPAC as a starting point.

After you become familiar with the steps of finding Lambuth books using the OPAC practice finding books using keywords of things you are interested in or authors/titles that you enjoy. You might be suprised to find what we have in our library!

OPAC Finding Lambuth Print Books

How to find books at the UofM Lambuth Library:

  1. Go to the Lambuth Library Homepage.
  2. Enter your search terms.
  3. On the left-hand side of the screen, limit your search to the location of Lambuth.
  4. Note the specific location such as "Lambuth Campus Library - 2nd Level - Young Adult Collection" and the "Call Number." 
  5. Ask a librarian or library assistant to help you find the item at the library if needed.

OPAC Step by Step Lambuth Print Books

Step 1 - Go to the Library Website

Click through this slide show to see the steps of finding a Lambuth book in action.

Notice the website address of the library website.

Step 2 - Find the OPAC Search Area

Notice the search box also includes links to our journals, databases, and research guides.

Step 3 - Enter a Key Word

The main box is used to enter a key word, author's name, or title.

Step 4 - Find the "Refine Results" Area

Notice there are many ways on the left side of the screen to refine your search. Scroll down to explore them.

Step 5 - Select the Location of "Lambuth Library"

Under "Refine Results" click on "Location" and select "Lambuth Library".

Step 6 - Find a Book

Scroll down to find a book and notice the location and call number to find the book in the library.