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Lambuth Library Assistant Training

General Opening Procedures

Please review the basic procedures below to gain an understanding of procedures if your shift includes opening the library.

Opening Procedures 

On Sundays, Campus Security will meet you at the library at 4:00 p.m. to unlock the building.  If Security is not there, call 425-1942. 

Main Level 

  1. Leave front door "locked".
  2. Turn on the lights- main light, family room light
  3. Set front door automatic opener to the neutral position and use allen wrench (in checkout desk drawer) to 'stage down' both doors. This allows patrons to enter even if the door is locked.
  4. Log into the OPAC computer. UN: .\OPAC1 PW: luther123
  5. Turn on the Checkout Desk computer and log in with your username and password. 
  6. On desktop, choose Sierra icon (orange circle) & log in: 
    1. UN: circlb (all letters) 
    2. PW: w3r2 
  7. On Sierra screen, under Function (upper right) choose Check Out (Circulation Desk) 
  8. On desktop, choose the “Study Rooms” icon & log in: 
    • UN: 
    • PW: lambuthhelp1843! 
  9. Check to see that “Lambuth Library” is the “Spaces in Location” and select "Booking Grid". You can change the dropdown menu from "Study Rooms" to "Presentation Studio" to "Alternate Computers" as needed.
  10. Minimize “Study Rooms” to be ready for later. 
  11. On desktop, choose the “Lambuth Help Analytics” icon 
    • It should already be logged in, but, if not, use the same username and password as the “Study Rooms” 
    • Check to see that the “Dataset” is set to “Lambuth Help Desk Analytics”.
  12. Check book drop using the key in the checkout desk drawer.
  13. Turn on TV with remote in checkout desk drawer and set to media slideshow (input-media-play slideshow (may need to hit the back button to get the option to "view all").

Second Level 

  1. Turn on lights in stairwell.  Turn on study carrel lights and lamps on second floor.

  1. Turn on lights in main areas and in halls (separate switches). 

  1. Log in to OPAC computer.UN .\OPAC2  PW: luther123. 


  1. Turn on lights in stairwell and basement.