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Lambuth Library Assistant Training

General Closing Procedures

Please review the basic procedures below to gain an understanding of procedures if your shift includes closing the library.

Closing Procedures 

  1. Do a thorough walk-through of the floors, including computer lab. 
  2. Straighten chairs. 
  3. Pick up trash on floor or left on tables and dispose properly. 
  4. Check for open windows – close them. 
  5. Pick up any books left on tables and check them into the system:
    1. In Sierra go to the "Count Use-Internal Use" menu.  
    2. Scan books and reshelve them.
  6. Computers should be logged off but do not turn them off. 
  7. If message boards are on porch, bring them in. 
  8. On Circulation computer, close Sierra program, Study Room program, Lib Analytics (Lambuth Help Desk) program, and log off computer. 
  9. Turn off TV in the front desk area.  The remote control is located in the drawer by the checkout computer. 
  10. Check restroom on main floor.  The light should be OFF. (In fact, it should be OFF at all times when the room is not in use.) 
  11. Use the allen wrench in the checkout desk drawer to release the bars on the doors.
  12. Make sure the automatic door mechanism is disengaged (set to off in the middle).
  13. Security personnel will secure the building, including checking study rooms and back stairwells. 


Rev. 1/22/20