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Open Educational Resources (OER)

Introduction to basic OER concepts, how to find and incorporate them into your course, creating and modifying OER, and getting UofM training on OER

Course-Specific OER

Materials collected for courses involved in the 2021 THEC OER grant

ENGL 2201/2202

ENGL 2201/2201 Addt'l Resources

Because of the ever-growing literary canon and ongoing literary criticism of both historical and contemporary literature, we must recognize that not every preferred text for a literature course may be available as an Open Education Resource. Considerations must be made for texts that are freely and legally available within the public domain - but perhaps might not have been included in an OER textbook - as well as other pieces disseminated by widely available publications such as online literary journals or magazines.

While acknowledging that these types of resources are not standard OER, they do fulfill the larger purpose of offering free/inexpensive course materials for our ENGL 2201/2202 students. As such, we would like to direct instructors' attention to the University Libraries' previously assembled guides to finding critical reviews, as well as a reminder that information pertaining to copyright and public domain that is cited elsewhere within the OER guide. 

MATH 1530/1710C

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