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Open Educational Resources Tutorial (OER) + Information Guide

Incorporating OER

Fundamentals of Accessibility & OER

As with other pedagogical approaches to course curriculum, faculty need to consider the accessibility of Open Educational Resources before and during the process of incorporating them into their classes. In the future, University Libraries will coordinate with the Disability Resources for Students (DRS) office to provide additional information regarding various tips for ensuring accessibility for all students. 

In the meantime, the (DRS) office has provided University faculty with a series of videos that demonstrate how they can access the DRS portal for the purposes of obtaining a list of students registered with DRS, uploading course syllabi and exams, and establishing the parameters for students' exams as supported by DRS. 

BCCampus OER Accessibility Toolkit

WAVE: Web Accessibility Evaluation Tool

If you have located a document by accessing one of the University Libraries OER databases, you may wish to share the permalink - the stable link to the document - with your students. This video demonstrates where to locate these links and how to share them.