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Open Educational Resources (OER)

Discovering Open Educational Resources

Open Access Button

Legally access resources behind paywalls

You've found a great resource...but it's behind a paywall. Now what? Use the nonprofit Open Access Button (i.e., a browser extension tool) to access resources held behind paywalls!

How does this work?

The Open Access Button includes sources from all aggregated repositories, hybrid articles, open access journals, and articles listed on authors' personal pages. If an article is not already freely available, the article is requested from its author(s). Authors are able to share articles in an online repository, making it freely and legally available!

Add the browser extension

To make the process of accessing articles even easier, you can add the Open Access Button browser extension to your Google Chrome! To add the button to your Chrome browser, click the Open Access Button link, and click "Add to Chrome."

For a brief tutorial on how to install the Open Access Button as an extension to your web browser, see the video from the UC San Diego Library below.