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Social Sciences

Guide to Social Sciences including Anthropology, Ethnomusicology, Political Science, Sociology, Social Work, Philosophy, and Psychology.

Political Science

Recommended Databases

In addition to the general social science databases listed on this guide's home page, the following databases may be helpful for Political Sciences research:

Recommended Resources

Voting Basics


When to Vote

How often do you vote? Many people believe you only vote every four years during the presidential election.

However, elections occur frequently. If you are a United States citizen who meets the requirements to vote, you have the right to vote for your elected representatives in Congress, which includes both the House of Representatives and the Senate. You also have the right to vote for local elected officials like state governor, county mayor, city mayor, school board representatives, city council representatives, and ballot initiatives that impact where you live. It can be confusing, but the links on this page will help you sort it out.

The more elections you vote in, and the more you know about who and what you are voting for, the more empowered you are as a citizen. Never think that your vote doesn't count - it does!

I'm Not in my Home State!

What's it Like to Vote?

Federal & Local Elections

Federal Elections

Local Elections

Upcoming Elections

In Shelby County

  • Upcoming Elections

    Is there an election coming up? Check here for dates for local and federal elections, then check the Memphis Public Library page to find out about the candidates.


Tennessee, Memphis, and Shelby County Elections