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Library Instruction


Our Mission

The University Libraries Instructional Services team is committed to promoting information literacy: the ability to locate, evaluate, and use information to fulfill research and information needs. We welcome opportunities to collaborate with faculty, instructors, academic departments, and other areas of the campus community in such initiatives.

If you wish to schedule a Library Instruction Session for your class or organization, please see our Library Instruction Policies.

The ML 225 and 226 classrooms are used primarily for library instruction. If you wish to reserve ML 225 or 226 for non-library-instruction purposes, please see our Room Use Policies and follow the contact information indicated there.

If you have further questions or need additional information re: Library Instruction or ML 225/226, please contact Barbara Thomas at



Instructional Session for Your Class

Before You Schedule

  • Instructional sessions are most effective when tied to a specific assignment. Assignments allow the students to apply the concepts directly, and make the instructional session more worthwhile. Librarians can collaborate with instructors to develop assignments that meet information literacy objectives.
  • Make students aware of the assignment ahead of time. Students are more likely to come prepared for a Libraries instructional session if they understand the objective of the session and how it is tied to their coursework.
  • Faculty attendance at course-integrated instruction is essential. Not only does it create better collaboration between Libraries and teaching faculty, it demonstrates that mutual participation in the session is important to the instructor.
  • Library instruction should be arranged as early as possible to avoid scheduling conflicts. Due to staffing constraints, we require a two week notice for instruction.
  • Plan your library instructional session as close to the time of need as possible. The session will be more meaningful for students if they can apply what they learn immediately. General introductions to library resources/research do not have a lasting impact for students. The most successful instructional sessions are followed by activities that reinforce information literacy skills.


Online Learning

Live Remote Library Instruction Sessions

Need library instruction for your class? We can create a customized lesson for a specific assignment or on a particular topic.

Embedded Librarian

If your course includes a research component, you can request an Embedded Librarian who will work with your students for the entire semester. The Embedded Librarian will be added to your course shell and will work with you and your students to meet the information needs of the class. This librarian will be able to answer questions related to library services and resources and will also be able to assist students with navigating the complex information environment available to them. The Embedded Librarian can help students with identifying and utilizing library resources that will support their work for your class. Whether students need help with selecting search terms, developing search strategies, or locating relevant resources once they have been identified, the Embedded Librarian will be able to assist them.

Request asynchronous MATERIALS to be shared with your students:

Recorded Library Instruction Sessions

Teaching an asynchronous class but still want library instruction? We can record a class session for a specific assignment or on a particular topic. This is very similar to the Live Remote Library Instruction, but recorded for asynchronous delivery.


Research Guides

Get started using your own, specialized Research Guide designed specifically for your department or your course section. Find the best databases, journals, articles, books, eBooks, websites, and more for what you're researching!


Video Tutorials

We can create a video tutorial for your specific class and assignments.


Online Self-Guided Tutorials

Jump start your students' library-related skills from one of these curated tutorials, or request a new tutorial for a specific database, literacy information skill, or other topic.


Handouts & Worksheets

Need a handout or worksheet about your favorite citation style, PICOT, developing a topic, or other key skills? We can do that!


Research Consultations

Get Research Help

Research Consultations

Get research help through one-on-one session(s) with a librarian, in-person or online.


Research Guides

The University Libraries has developed Research Guides for many areas of study and a variety of source types. These often provide a good starting place.