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University Libraries Services

Government Publications

What is the Government Publications Department?

As one of the 21 Federal Depository Libraries for the state of Tennessee, Government Publications receives and provides research help for all the publications, maps, and electronic data distributed by the Government Publishing Office. Government Publications is also a depository for Tennessee state documents.


Who can access Government Publications?

Government publications are available to the faculty, staff, and students of the University of Memphis, as well as the general public during the hours that the Ned R. McWherter Library is open. Reference assistance is available at the Research and Information Services Desk on the first floor. Our Ask a Librarian service provides reference assistance via email, chat, and text. Individual consultations and classroom instruction may also be requested.

All formats of government publications circulate in accordance with the Check-Out Guidelines for the general collection. Some exceptions include reference materials, periodicals, and rare or fragile documents.

To search for online government publications, search here.



Contact the Government Publications Department

Phone: 901.678.4455


Perveen Rustomfram, Government Publications Coordinator
Office: Ned McWherter Library, Room 107C
Phone: 901.678.8203

Interlibrary Loan

What is Interlibrary Loan?

Interlibrary Loan is a system that allows libraries to borrow materials from one another on a global scale. Interlibrary Loan (ILL) service is available through the ILLiad System of the University Libraries. Currently enrolled University of Memphis students, TN eCampus students, faculty, and staff, may obtain academic research materials needed for use in completing University-related research or academic study which are not available in the collections of the University Libraries. Research related to outside employment, commercial or personal pursuits is not supported nor is it available to alumni. The ILL service is for faculty, staff and enrolled students, only; it does not extend to one’s spouse or children.


How do I submit an ILL Request?

Begin using ILL by creating your account at ILLiad Logon. ILLiad is the name of the ILL management software used at the UofM. Enter your University of Memphis Username and Password. You may submit requests for materials using the Request Forms on your account. You may also submit requests through many of the University of Memphis databases.


When your request is available, we will notify you through your University of Memphis e-mail account. Most article requests are filled electronically, and the notification e-mail will give you the directions for downloading the file. Loans may be picked up at the Check-Out Desk on the first floor of McWherter Library with your UofM ID.


Material Delivery for Faculty Members

Faculty may choose to have their ILL Loans and circulating McWherter Library materials delivered to the administrative offices of their departments. We do not currently provide delivery of articles from our print/microform collection.


Daily, Monday-Friday, items will be checked out to your library/ILL Account and delivered to your department’s administrative office. You are responsible for renewing or returning the delivered materials by their due dates to McWherter. Submit all requests through your ILL Account; you do not need to specify if the material is available at McWherter Library.


To arrange for delivery:

  • Logon to your ILLiad account.
  • Choose MAIL TO ADDRESS for your loan delivery method
  • Provide the building and room number of the administrative office of your department
  • Select your Department from the drop-down menu




To generate an Auto-Filled InterLibrary Loan Request, watch the short video below:


Contact the Interlibrary Loan Department


Location: McWherter Library, Room 212
Phone: 901.678.2262


The sandbox.

About the sandbox.

the sandbox. is a learner-centered, collaborative community space located on the 1st floor of the McWherter Library. It is creatorspace for all UofM students, faculty, and staff, that gives users tools and resources to explore at any stage of their academic career, and allows communities to meet and explore hi- and low-tech projects.


What can you do at the sandbox.?
  • Check out technology, from DSLR cameras to gaming consoles
  • Utilize the creatorspaces, which include audio and video production studios, a 3D Printer, a video gaming corner, tech pod workspaces, etc.
  • A presentation practice studio
  • Attend workshops and events
  • Access free tools and resources


Contact the sandbox.


Lisa Sikkink (,
Casey Parkman (


Location:McWherter Library, Room 103
Phone: 901.678.2205

Research & Instructional Services

Our Mission

The University Libraries Instructional Services team is committed to promoting information literacy: the ability to locate, evaluate, and use information to fulfill research and information needs. We welcome opportunities to collaborate with faculty, instructors, academic departments, and other areas of the campus community in such initiatives.

If you wish to schedule a Library Instruction Session for your class or organization, please see our Library Instruction Policies.

The ML 225 and 226 classrooms are used primarily for library instruction. If you wish to reserve ML 225 or 226 for non-library-instruction purposes, please see our Room Use Policies and follow the contact information indicated there.

If you have further questions or need additional information re: Library Instruction or ML 225/226, please contact Barbara Thomas at


Schedule a Library Instructional Session for your Class


Before you schedule:

  • Instructional sessions are most effective when tied to a specific assignment. Assignments allow the students to apply the concepts directly, and make the instructional session more worthwhile. Librarians can collaborate with instructors to develop assignments that meet information literacy objectives.
  • Make students aware of the assignment ahead of time. Students are more likely to come prepared for a Libraries instructional session if they understand the objective of the session and how it is tied to their coursework.
  • Faculty attendance at course-integrated instruction is essential. Not only does it create better collaboration between Libraries and teaching faculty, it demonstrates that mutual participation in the session is important to the instructor.
  • Library instruction should be arranged as early as possible to avoid scheduling conflicts. Due to staffing constraints, we require a two week notice for instruction.
  • Plan your library instructional session as close to the time of need as possible. The session will be more meaningful for students if they can apply what they learn immediately. General introductions to library resources/research do not have a lasting impact for students. The most successful instructional sessions are followed by activities that reinforce information literacy skills.


Online Learning


  • Live Library Instruction Sessions
    Need library instruction for your class? We can create a customized lesson for a specific assignment or on a particular topic. 

  • Recorded Library Instruction Sessions
    Teaching an asynchronous class but still want library instruction? We can record a class session for a specific assignment or on a particular topic. This is very similar to the Live Library Instruction, but recorded for asynchronous delivery.

  • Research Guides
    Get started using your own, specialized Research Guide designed specifically for your department or your course section. Find the best databases, journals, articles, books, eBooks, websites, and more for what you're researching!

  • Video Tutorials
    We can create a video tutorial for your specific class and assignments.

  • Self-Guided Tutorials
    Jump start your students' library-related skills from one of these curated tutorials, or request a new tutorial for a specific database, literacy information skill, or other topic.


Get Research Help

Only online consultations are currently available due to COVID-19.


  • Research Guides
    The University Libraries has developed Research Guides for many areas of study and a variety of source types. These often provide a good starting place.

  • Research Consultations
    Get research help through one-on-one session(s) with a librarian, in-person or online.

Handouts & Worksheets

Need a handout or worksheet about your favorite citation style, PICOT, developing a topic, or other key skills? We can do that!


Contact Research and Instructional Services


Location: McWherter Library, 1st floor
Phone: 901.678.2208

Health Sciences Library

What is the Health Sciences Library?

The Health Sciences Library (also known as Baptist Memorial Health Care Library) is housed on the second floor of the Community Health Building, which is located at 4055 North Park Loop, on the University of Memphis Park Avenue Campus.


The collection includes books, journals, and media focusing on nursing, audiology, and speech-language pathology. Related areas of interest in the collection include special education, linguistics, laryngology, otology, neurology, psychology, and sociology. The collection contains approximately 7,000 volumes of books and 241 journal titles.The collection includes books, journals, and media focusing on nursing, audiology, and speech-language pathology. Related areas of interest in the collection include special education, linguistics, laryngology, otology, neurology, psychology, and sociology. The collection contains approximately 7,000 volumes of books and 241 journal titles.


What technology is available at the Health Sciences Library?
  • 16 TAF computer workstations with access to the library catalog and University Libraries electronic resources holdings
  • A document scanner
  • Printer access
  • Group study rooms (reserve them here)


Contact the Health Sciences Library


Location: Park Avenue Campus, Memphis, TN 38152
Phone: 901.678.3193


Dr. Irma Singarella, Health Sciences Librarian
Phone: 901.678.3829


Music Library

What is the Music Library?

The Music Library is located in the Rudi E. Scheidt School of Music Building on the first floor in room 115. The Music Library provides listening and viewing stations equipped for playing CDs, LPs, cassettes, VHS tapes, and DVDs. No copying is permitted with any of the equipment; most recordings are available to check out, with varying circulation guidelines for different classes of borrowers.


What equipment is available at the Music Library?
  • 7 public PCs and 2 iMacs equipped with Microsoft Office
  • Printer access for University of Memphis students, faculty, and staff
  • An oversize flatbed scanner
  • Equipment for reading and scanning microfilm and microfiche
  • A self-service photocopier in the library (operated with Tiger fund cards)


Contact the Music Library


Location: 3775 Central Ave., Rudi E Scheidt Music Building, Room 115
Phone: 901.678.2330


Dr. Joel Roberts, Music Librarian
Phone: 901.678.4412
Office: Rudi E Scheidt Music Building, Room 115A


Lambuth Library

What is the Lambuth Library?

The Lambuth Library is located in Jackson, TN, on the University of Memphis Lambuth Campus and is a branch of the University of Memphis Libraries; all policies are in accordance with University of Memphis Libraries Policies.

The main level includes the general circulating collection (A-E), Leisure Reading collection, Lambuth History collection, Reference collection, Media collection Course reserves, STEM kits, and other electronic equipment are also located on the main level and are available from the circulation desk. A separate "Space Room" offers an area for patrons of all ages to view books that compliment the UofM Lambuth MD Anderson Planetarium program.

The second level includes the general circulating collection (F-Z), the Juvenile collection, Young Adult collection, four study rooms, and quiet zones for individual study.


What resources are available at the Lambuth Library?
  • 10 student-use computers linked to a printer and scanner
  • A community user computer (available to the public)
  • A copy machine (available for use with UofM copy funds or a copy card - available for purchase)
  • Private study rooms
  • Snack machines
  • The "Space Room" reading room


Accessing resources from other U of M Libraries

UofM faculty, students, and staff have access to other items in the University Libraries collection either electronically or through InterLibrary Loan. InterLibrary Loan is a service that delivers print items directly to the Lambuth Campus from other campus locations. Reference services are provided by the campus librarian and library staff who are available to answer library-related questions and to instruct patrons in using the catalog and other electronic resources.


Contact the Lambuth Library


Address:705 Lambuth Blvd., Jackson, TN 38301
Phone: 731.425.1918


Lisa Reilly, Lambuth Campus Librarian
Phone: 731.425.1983