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ENGL 1020: English Composition 1020

This guide will help you devise a search strategy from a research question, find resources, and get through that big paper.

Memphis News Sources

Peer-Reviewed, Scholarly Articles Based in Memphis?

Can't find peer-reviewed journal articles specifically about your topic AND Memphis?

How do you find peer-reviewed journal articles specifically talking about Memphis? Sometimes, the peer-reviewed article you're looking for doesn't exist. Don't give up searching!

Your topic is most likely a problem/event that is also happening in other parts of Tennessee, the South, and the United States. Search peer-reviewed journal articles using terms like "united states" or "american south" or "tennessee" in place of "memphis." Often, these peer-reviewed articles will give you information you can use in your background, exhibit, and/or argument. If it's happening in Memphis, it's happening in other cities, too.

Use popular materials (websites, organizations, newspaper articles, magazine articles) that specifically discuss Memphis, and tie in your peer-reviewed articles to points made in those materials.

Memphis News

Newspaper articles and online media like blogs and can be the best connection between your topic and how it relates directly to Memphis. You can go directly to their websites or search them using Google's site tool.

General News Sources

These cover a wide variety of topics targeted towards a general audience. They will have something on everything, though some topics might not be covered in depth. 

Specialty News Sources

These sources have a specific focus or beat that they cover. They will provide in-depth news in some topics and nothing in others. 

site: tool

Use site: in Google to narrow your results. Get you what you need faster.

Use to find only websites ending in .gov. Like this:



You can also use site: to search within websites. Find the base URL of a site (, for example). In Google, type your keywords, then use Google will only search within The Commercial Appeal. This can be done with any website, not just newspapers.

For more tips and tricks using Google, Google Scholar, and Wikipedia, work through the tutorial below!