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ENGL 1020: English Composition 1020

This guide will help you devise a search strategy from a research question, find resources, and get through that big paper.

Memphis Mini-Guides

Memphis Music

The Music Library at the University of Memphis offers a variety of resources available for use and research.  The Music Library has stacks of books and scores, musical literature such as dictionaries, biographies, and histories, and other materials specific to Memphis Music.  The Music Library also offers resources on musical theory, composition, and self-instruction.



The Music Library can be located in room 115 in the Music Building on campus. Stop by to explore the many music materials and resources the Music Library offers.




Business & Economy

Civil Rights History

What is a Primary Source?

"Primary sources provide firsthand testimony or direct evidence concerning a topic or question under investigation." (Primary Sources at Yale)

How do we know what happened in the past? We were not there, so we have to rely on those who were. That is what a primary source is: a source of information from someone that directly-experienced a historical event. 

Primary Source Collections

University of Memphis Special Collections

The Special Collections Department of the University Libraries collects unique, rare, and historical materials, making them a great place for primary sources. Some of their collections are digitized and available through our online repository, Digital Commons, but many are only available to see in person. If you would like to learn what they have on your topic and access their collections, email them at or by call at 901.678.2210.

Here are three digital collections that could be useful for Memphis civil rights topics:

Community Health & Healthcare

Under the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act, nonprofit hospitals are required to develop community health needs assessments (CHNA) and implementation plans every three years. These documents provide data and analysis of major health issues in their community and plans for how to address these issues. Here are the CHNAs for the major Memphis nonprofit hospital systems.  

State and Local Government

Federal Government


Non-profits, advocacy groups, foundations, think tanks, and other non-governmental organizations that produce research. 

Health Research

Data and Statistics

Crime & Violence

Criminal Justice System

Disability & Accessibility



Central High School, 1946   Central High School, 1946

High school chemistry class, 1918​

Environment & Climate

Memphis Area

State and Regional

Library Databases

Food & Hunger

Housing & Homelessness

Memphis Only


LGBTQ+ Community

Poverty & Wealth Inequality

Racism & Racial Justice

Tourism & Hospitality


Urban Art




Urban Parks