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From Active Duty to Veteran: Honoring Military Service in America

Fall 2014 exhibit highlighting materials from the Preservation and Special Collections Department and Government Publications Department.


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U. S. Military in Korea

A grief stricken American infantryman whose buddy has been killed in action is comforted by another soldier. In the background a corpsman methodically fills out casualty tags, Haktong-ni area, Korea.  August 28, 1950.  Sfc. Al Chang.  
 Photo Courtesy of PD-USGov-Military-Army-Department of Defense


U.S. Marine Corps soldier inches forward under fire on the Central Korean front
Photo Courtesy U.S. Marine Corps, Cpl. W.T. Wolfe, 1950
Naval History & Heritage Command 

Remembering Korea: Resources on the Web

Located in West Potomac Park, south of the National Mall in D.C., the Korean War Veterans Memorial consists of 19 statues depicting a platoon of servicemen on patrol, a wall inscribed with the nations that contributed troops to the war, and a granite-lined "Pool of Remembrance." Photo courtesy of NBC.comMarcy Nighswander  /  AP

Government Publications

The University of Memphis is proud to serve as a Federal Depository Library.

The University Libraries is proud to serve as one of Tennessee's Federal Depository Libraries. Click the above link to be redirected to the Government Publication's Department.


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