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NURS 8211: Qualitative Methodology

This guide provides access to diverse resources about qualitative research methodologies.

Qualitative Data Resources

How to Construct a Qualitative Research Question

A Good Question...

  • Focuses your information needs
  • Identifies key search concepts
  • Points you in the direction of potential resources

Qualitative Questions aim to discover meaning or gain an understanding of a phenomena or experience.  They ask about an individual's or population's experience of certain situations or circumstances.

The PS Model

P - Patient/Population

S - Situation

How do/does ____[P]____ experience _____[S]___?

What is the experience of ______ [P]___[S]___?

Ex: How do caregiver-spouses of Alzheimer patients experience placing their spouse in a nursing home?

Reference: McMaster University Health Sciences Library. (2022). Nursing: Forming Questions.

Sometimes, looking at other studies and seeing what research questions they used can be helpful. But there are guidelines for assessing prior studies. Check out the links below for help assessing other studies:

How to Write a Qualitative Research Proposal

Writing a Qualitative Proposal:

Check out the links below for guidance on how to write an effective research proposal:

How to Code in Qualitative Research

What is coding in qualitative research?

Coding is the process of labeling and organizing your qualitative data to identify different themes and relationships between them.

When coding, you assign labels to words or phrases that represent important themes in each response. These labels can be words, phrases, or numbers.

Coding qualitative research to find common themes and concepts is part of thematic analysis. This extracts themes from text by analyzing the word and sentence structure.

Access the link below for information on coding qualitative data.

Reference: Medelyan, Alyana. Coding Qualitative Data: How to Code Qualitative Research.



Feasibility, as it relates to research, is the extent to which those who implement a research study or an intervention can practically do so within an identified authentic setting.

Reference: Frey, Bruce B. (2018). The SAGE Encyclopedia of Educational Research, Measurement, and Evaluation. SAGE Publications, Inc.

Data Transcription