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NURS 7002 Advanced Nursing Research

This guide will present resources and tools for the course NURS 7002 Advanced Nursing Research.

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Research in Health Sciences

Identifying Primary Articles and Research Methods

Since "empirical" research is a good proxy for primary research articles, the Empirical Research guide is a good introduction to how to identify and find them. Just make sure your empirical article describes a method of collecting new data in the Methods section and is not reusing existing data sets. 

For overviews and definitions of major concepts in research methods, use the SAGE Research Methods Video database. 

Difference Between Qualitative and Quantitative Research

Part II, Chapter 8 of  Evidence-Based Practice in Nursing : Foundations, Skills, and Roles provides useful guidelines for reviewing quantitative (p. 142) and qualitative (p. 147) research. 

Descriptive Statistics

Descriptive statistics are those that "simply describe, summarize, and illustrate the trends that exist in the data" (Santucci, 2023).

The resources below will help you gain a better understanding of descriptive statistics. Use the videos below for an introduction to descriptive statistics and how they compare to inferential statistics and use Chapter 5 of Statistics in Medicine (3rd edition) for an overview of common descriptive statistics.

Santucci, A. C. (2023). Data description in research. Salem Press Encyclopedia of Health