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History of Women in America

This guide will provide information on different types of resources that can be used for conducting research.

Topic overview

This course will review the experiences and contributions of women to society in early and modern American history. Viewpoints ranging from political to cultural and those of exceptional and everyday women will be used to tell the story of women from the past. 


This multimedia series highlights the work of women that broke through barriers in male-dominated fields in the 20th Century. In honor of the 100th anniversary of the women's suffrage movement, 26 women are highlighted in short documentary style interviews that cover areas of science, politics, business, and the arts. 

SafeZone at the U of M

"The SafeZone Program...exists to support gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender, intersexed, and questioning U of M students, faculty and staff, to improve the overall U of M campus environment and to educate the entire campus community on concerns relating to GLBTIQ issues. The University of Memphis’ commitment to diversity and civility undergirds the SafeZone Program’s efforts to support the GLBTIQ community on campus" (SafeZone: Home).

Women's and Gender studies

Women's and gender studies is an interdisciplinary area of study. The University of Memphis offers an undergraduate minor, a graduate certificate, and internships that focus on issues that impact women and the areas of gender studies. For more information on targeted coursework in women's and gender studies visit Women's and Gender Studies website.