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Dissertation Writers Resources

A list of resources for Dissertation Writers at all stages, based upon the workshops and materials from the Dissertation Writers Retreat.

More Dissertation Links

There are tons of guides, tips, and other resources out there for dissertating students, some good, some not. Below are just a few resources that we think could potentially be useful. Some may have some information specific to their institutions, but a lot of the information is still valid on a conceptual level.

For some student, writing a Dissertation can involve a completely new skillset. The following links from the University of Arizona could prove useful as you start down the dissertation path.

Hopefully some of these will prove useful along with the other resources we have provided in this Guide. If there are any links you have found useful and think we should add, please send them along!!

Editing Services

While the CWC is happy to help you with recognizing patterns of error regarding organization, syntax, grammar, etc. in your writing, it is NOT a line-by-line editing service. However, some students find it beneficial to hire an outside editor to do a pass of their final document before sending it off to their committee. While the links below do not constitute an endorsement of the services provided by these editors, they are some possible options for you to explore if you desire such services.

  • Sarah Cozort
    • Sarah Cozort has over a decade of experience as a line and copy editor in both academic and commercial venues. She received her MFA in creative writing and a certificate in writing studies from The University of Memphis, where she currently teaches. As the assistant editor of The Journal of Forensic Vocational Analysis, she stays abreast of both APA and MLA guidelines. She is mindful of maintaining the voice of her client and prides herself on quick, accurate service. For the UofM community, her rates are $30/hr for students and $40/hr for faculty (average of 8-10 pages/hr).
  • Dr. William Duffy
    • Dr. William Duffy holds a PhD in rhetoric and composition from the University of North Carolina at Greensboro and currently teaches undergraduate and graduate level courses in rhetoric and professional writing at the UofM. Please email to inquire about rates as fees will vary based on the needs of the document.
  • Dr. Katherine Kitzmann
    • Dr.Kitzman, who runs Academic Editing Services and is a retired Associate Professor of Psychology, also edits and provides feedback on manuscripts to be submitted to academic journals in the fields of social sciences, education, and business. Open to editing dissertations if major professor approves. Basic editing is $0.07/word; other services available.
  • Alyssa Radtke
    • Alyssa Radtke mostly works with MLA 8 (and occasionally APA 7). She particularly enjoys working on writing about poetry, but is an interested generalist in all humanities fields. She can edit about 5 pages per hour, and charges $55 per hour.
  • Carol Wardell
    • Carol Wardell is a PhD candidate currently writing her dissertation. She teaches literature and composition at the University of Memphis. She has worked at the CWC for the past five years. In addition to being a trained consultant she is also TEFL certified. Carol has spent past summers teaching English to English language learners in the Czech Republic and China. She also has edited multiple dissertations and two texts. Carol is also happy to help with cover letters and scholarship essays for ESL students. Her rates are $30/hr for students and $40/hr for faculty and can edit approximately 10 pages per hour.