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Dissertation Writers Resources

A list of resources for Dissertation Writers at all stages, based upon the workshops and materials from the Dissertation Writers Retreat.

Dissertation Writers Resources


To begin...

Congratulations on getting to this stage of your academic career! It may seem like the hardest work is yet to come, but take a moment and look around.

Enjoy this. Even getting to the ABD stage is rare. Recognize all that you have done to get this far, and, just as important,  recognize everyone in your life who has helped you, been with you, supported you, and is just as much a part of this journey.

Nobody writes a dissertation alone--it takes a fellowship--and the journey of writing and defending a dissertation is like climbing a mountain. Just as with the Fellowship of the Ring or climbing Everest, getting to the top of the mountain is only part of the journey. It doesn't mean anything if you do not make it back down.

This guide is here to assist you with the entire process of writing your dissertation, defending it, and preparing you for what comes next. Right now, you have left the Shire, reached the gates of Mordor, arrived at Everest Base Camp, and in the pages that follow you will find links, videos, and advice not only on writing and completing your dissertation but also surviving the process.


Again, congratulations on getting this far and welcome to Base Camp.


The Dissertation Writers Resources team!!

We are proud to announce your guides in the Dissertation Writing Resources team. Keep an eye on the calendar to the left for announcements for upcoming DWR sponsored events!

  • University Libraries
    • April Hobbs (RIS, University of Memphis)
    • Carl Hess (RIS, University of Memphis)
  • The Graduate School
    • Peggy Callahan, MS (Sports Commerce, University of Memphis)
  • Center for Writing and Communicate
    • Meredith Boulden, PhD (English, University of Memphis)

For More Information on Future DWR Events

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