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Information Literacy Basics

Library Databases vs. Google

Watch the short video below (for real though, what is a library database?), then dive into library resources:

If you're researching an historical aspect of Memphis, check out McWherter Library's Special Collections.

Mini-guides for Memphis music, education, crime/violence, urban parks, and urban art.

Background Information

Background Information

Start exploring potential topics using these databases:

Multidisciplinary Library Databases

Multidisciplinary Databases

Search for your topic in these huge multidisciplinary databases:

Watch this short video on how to download articles from EBSCO databases (made by UofM Libraries):

Subject-Specific Library Databases

Subject-Specific Databases

You may find useful scholarly information in several of these databases (if you don't, try one of the hundreds of databases you have access to!):


Statistics and data

Use numbers, graphics, and maps to back up your argument. Some of these are links to government websites, and some are links to library databases. You have access to all of these:

Memphis News


Newspaper articles can be the best connection between your topic and how it relates directly to Memphis. Dig through these using microfilm on McWherter's 2nd floor (old-school!), using Google's site tool, or using the links below.