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Introduction to Research

How to turn your topic into a search, search through library resources and the web, evaluate what you found, improve your writing and citation, and get help from a librarian.

Can I Google That?

Using Google to Find Credible Sources

Yes! You can Google that! There are several ways to find credible sources on google.

Google Scholar is a great way to find scholarly, academic sources. You can also use the "site:" tool to limit your Google search results to government or academic sources. Keep scrolling for information on how to use these tools

Google Scholar at Home

  • Google Scholar
    For uninterrupted access to UofM library resources, click Settings at the top of Google Scholar's main page, and click Library Links. Type in "University of Memphis," and select all.


If you need to search courts & cases, under the search bar on the homepage, select Case Law, and select which courts you want to search.


site: tool

Use site: in Google to narrow your results. Get you what you need faster.

Use to find only websites ending in .gov. Like this:



You can also use site: to search within websites. Find the base URL of a site (, for example). In Google, type your keywords, then use Google will only search within The Commercial Appeal. This can be done with any website, not just newspapers.

For more tips and tricks using Google, Google Scholar, and Wikipedia, work through the tutorial below!

Resources Outside the Library

navigate the internet: venture outside of the library

Tutorial: Resources Outside of the Library

Learn tips and tricks for navigating Google, Wikipedia, and Google Scholar.