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Off Campus Access

A guide to help users access services remotely

E-Resource Problems

Troubleshooting Tips and Questions:


  • Only enrolled University of Memphis students and currently employed faculty and staff members will have off-campus access library resources.The message “File missing: docs/logup.htm” indicates that a user is not currently enrolled in any U of M courses. If you receive this message, the best options are to: 1) access e-resources from one of the library's guest computers; 2) request a sponsored account from campus department 3) enroll in hours to regain access. 
  • If their UofM password was recently changed it may take some time for the new password to work. Try the old one. 

WHAT is the problem?

  • Try using a different browser. Clearing the browser cache or using incognito/private modes may also help. Make sure that cookies are enabled and that pop-ups are not blocked.
  • If it is database related see if it applies to all content/services in database or limited content.
  • If it is EZProxy related, try removing the EZProxy prefix from the URL and test it. 

WHERE is your location and where are you trying to go?

  • Are working at home or a different institutional environment? Check to see if a firewall is blocking the EZProxy.  If you can connect to Virtual Private Network (VPN), try using proxy-free URLS via VPN. To connect to VPN, you must first have the VPN client installed on your computer. For more instructions, visit the solutions page via the umtech site
  • Are you starting at the University of Memphis library website? Most databases need the EZProxy prefix ( to work properly remotely. 
  • How did you get to where you are? Check the beginning of the URL.