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Public Health Information Resources

Welcome! This guide will direct you to some resources that will help you in your studies in the School of Public Health, the University of Memphis.

Welcome to the University Libraries

Welcome to the research guide for Public Health! The University Libraries collects and makes accessible a wide variety of resources of interest to Public Health faculty and students. This includes not only books, articles and databases related to health administration and public health, but also those related to the core areas of biostatistics, environmental health, epidemiology, health systems management, social and behavioral sciences nutrition, and public health. In addition we have resources relevant to sociology, psychology, economics, business administration, management and more. We are also the Federal Regional Depository Library for the state of Tennessee, meaning that we receive 100% of the publications, maps and electronic data distributed by the Government Printing Office. We are also a depository for Tennessee state documents.

Recommended Databases

Use these databases to search for articles, books, reports, and more on most public health topics.

Other Choices

Some other databases that you may find helpful.

Browse Public Health Journals