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Resources for Philosophy students, faculty, and staff.

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Aristotle Dictionary (Ref PA3926.Z8 K53 1962)

Biographical Dictionary of Twentieth Century Philosophers (E-book available through ebooks on EBSCO)

Cambrige Dictionary of Philosophy, The (Ref B41.C35 1995)

Cambridge Dictionary of Philosophy (Ref B41.C35 1995)

Dictionary of Asian Philosophies (Ref B5005.N38)

Dictionary of Philosophical Quotations, A (B68.D54 1995)

Dictionary of Philosophy and Psychology (1901-05) (3 v. in 4) (Ref B41.B3)

Dictionary of Philosophy and Religion (Ref B41.R43 1980)

Dictionary of Philosophy (B41.D52 1979a)

Dictionary of the History of Ideas: Studeis of Selected Pivotal Ideas (Ref CB5.D52)

Dictionnarie de philosophie (B42.D87 1990)

Greek Philosophical Terms (Ref B49.P4)

Hegel Dictionary, A (Ref B2901.I58 1992 and E-book available through ebooks at EBSCO)

Oxford Dictionary of Philosophy, The (B41.B53 1994 and E-book available through ebooks on EBSCO)


Online dictionary - A Dictionary of Philosophical Terms and Names

Major Encyclopedias

Cambridge History of Seventeenth-century Philosophy, The(B801.C35 1998)

Companion to Epistemology, A (BD161.C637 1992; also E-book available through ebooks on EBSCO)

Concise Encyclopedia of Western Philosophy and Philosophers, The (Ref B41.U7)

Edinburgh Encyclopedia of Continental Philosophy (E-book available through ebooks on EBSCO)

Enciclopedia filosòfica (6 vols) (Ref B44.E52)

Encyclopedia of Bioethics (Ref QH332.E52 2004)


Encyclopedia of Environmental Ethics and Philosophy (Ref GE42.E533 2009)

Encyclopedia of Philosophy, An (Ref B51.E52)

Encyclopedia of Philosophy, The (8 vols) (Ref B41.E53 2006)

Encyclopedia of Religion and Ethics (13 vols) (Ref BL31.E4)

Encyclopedia of Religion (15 vols) (Ref BL31.E46 2005)

Fifty Major Philosophers (B72.C59 1972; also E-book available through ebooks on EBSCO)

Handbook of Western Philosophy, The (Ref B804.H17 1988)

Historical Dictionary of Islam (E-book available through ebooks on EBSCO)

Historisches Wörterbuch der Philosophie (Ref B43.R59)

Oxford Companion to Philosophy (Ref B51.O94 2005; also E-book available through ebooks on EBSCO)

Oxford Companion to the Mind, The (BF31.O94 1987; also E-book available through ebooks on EBSCO)

Oxford Handbook of Contemporary Philosophy, The (B790.O94 2005)

Philosophen-Lexikon: Handwörterbuch der Philosophie nach Personen (Ref B43.P5 1949)

Philosopher's Index Thesaurus, The (Ref Z7127.P474 - Brister Storage)

Routledge Encyclopedia of Philosophy (10 vols) (Ref B51.R68 1998)

Vocabulaire technique et critique de la philosophie (Ref B42.L3 1962)

World Philosophy: A Contemporary Bibliography (Z7125.W87 1993)