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Library Tutorials and Help Videos

Writing a paper? Stuck on how to search library resources? Need help with citations? Have no fear, research tutorials are here!

Research Path Tutorials

Welcome to the Research Path


Start with Tutorial 1: Develop a Research Topic, and work your way through all six, or explore the tutorial that you're most curious about. Take each tutorial as many times as you need! Created by UofM librarians.

Develop Your Research Topic

develop your research topic: develop your question

Tutorial: Develop Your Research Topic & Question

Work from a big picture subject to a question by brainstorming your research interests.

Search Strategies

plan your search effectively: strategize a plan

Tutorial: Search Strategies

Develop a game plan for getting started on your research project, isolate the keywords in your research question or topic, brainstorm more keywords by searching, and combine keywords using Boolean logic.

Library Databases

the right database every time: search library databases

Tutorial: Library Databases

Learn what a library database is, access databases from the University Libraries website, and match specific databases with your information needs.

Resources Outside the Library

navigate the internet: venture outside of the library

Tutorial: Resources Outside of the Library

Learn tips and tricks for navigating Google, Wikipedia, and Google Scholar.


Evaluating Resources

evaluate sources

Tutorial: Evaluate Sources

Critically evaluate websites, learn strategies and tools for identifying credible news sources, and learn why library databases are your best bet for credible information.

Citing Sources

learn basic information about citations

Tutorial: Citations

Learn why you cite, then how to cite using APA, MLA, or Chicago style.