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Music-Vocal Music Guide

Recommended resources, tools, and tips for study of Vocal Music.

Art Song

Call Number Ranges for Solo Vocal Music


Secular Vocal Music
M 1495, Collections containing both sacred and secular vocal music
M 1528-29, Duets, trios, etc. for voice and various accompaniments
M 1613, Voice and orchestra or other ensemble
M 1619, Collections of 2 or more composers
M 1620, Collections of one composer
M 1621, Separate works
M 1621.4, Song cycles
M 1623, Accompaniment of one instrument other than piano
M 1630.18, Popular music collections
M 1669-70, Spirituals

Sacred Vocal Music
M 2110, Anthologies (sacred)
M 2112, Collections of one composer (sacred)
M 2113, Separate songs (sacred)
M 2113.4, Song cycles (sacred)


ML 49-54, Librettos and translations
ML 128 .S3, Song bibliographies
ML 410, Composer biographies
ML 420, Performer biographies
ML 2800+, Books about songs

MT 820, Books on vocal technique, pedagogy
MT 883, Books on diction
MT 885, Collections of vocalizes
MT 995+, Books on production and performance

Music Library Reference Resources

Browse the shelves or search the catalog for call numbers beginning with these classifications.

ML54.6 - song texts
ML102.V6 - dictionaries and encyclopedias
ML128.S3 - bibliographies of songs
ML128.V7 - bibliographies concerning vocal music