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Music: String Instruments Guide

Recommended resources, tools, and tips for study of performance, teaching, etc. of String Instruments.


Call Number Ranges for Viola

Use these call number ranges to browse the shelves.


M45-M49   Viola solo

M55   Other string instruments

M224-M228   Viola and piano

M239   Other string instruments and piano

M286-M287   2 string instruments

M292-M297     Duets (at least one plucked instrument)

M310-M314   2 string instruments and piano

M310-M386   Trios with at least one string instrument

M349-M353   String trios

M410-M414   3 string instruments and piano

M410-M486   Quartets with at least one string instrument

M450-M454   String quartets

M510-M514   Quintets with at least one string instrument

M550-M554   String quintets

M1014-M1015   Viola concertos (with orchestra)

M1019   Concertos for other string instruments with orchestra

M1114-M1115   Viola concertos (with string orchestra)

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