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Graduate Library Orientation

Welcome (back, for some!) to the University of Memphis' University Libraries! This Research Guide will assist you in learning what the Libraries have to offer you!

Study by Yourself

study solo

McWherter Library has over 100 computers running Windows 10 on all 4 floors of the library, and black+white printers on every floor. Every floor has individual study spots for you to sit down, plug in, and get to work. 

  • The 1st floor Windows computers near the Research Help Desk are connected to the library's color printer.
  • The 2nd floor has 8 Mac computers in addition to many Windows computers.
  • The 4th floor is a Silent Zone - a perfect spot to focus.

These spots are first-come, first-served, but there is plenty of room for everyone! See which computers are available here.

As a graduate student, you can also reserve a McWherter Library Study Carrel for individual use (make sure to read the Study Carrel Application PDF first!). There are over 100 available only for grad students and are reserved for a semester for your exclusive you. There is a waiting list and it usually takes a semester to receive a carrel. After a semester (or as long as a semester if one comes available in the middle of the semester) you can renew it for an additional semester. After that, you have to reapply for one.

Additionally, there are short term carrels available to all students for periods of 4 hours, 1 day, 3 days, and 7 days.

Check out laptops, phone chargers, headphones, and more technology from the Check Out Desk at McWherter Library. All you need is your student ID.

Need to print from your laptop? Use iPrint.



Need a place to meet for your group project in McWherter Library? The first floor area near the Research Help Desk is a collaborative space that encourages discussion.