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ENGL 1010: English Composition 1010

Resources, tutorials, tips, and more for the University's English 1010 course.

Writing Research

How do you research writing?

Out of experiences comes curiosity. As you've thought and written about your own literacy experiences, you might have some questions you need answered. Why do you work better (or not) when you have music playing? Does writing in a personal diary make you a better college-level writer, and why?

Whatever question you'll come up with, you'll investigate the answer through primary research, and maybe back up your claims with scholarly research. This page offers you links to advice and instruction on primary research. The Secondary Sources tab on the left side of the page has several links to library databases where you can search for background information and scholarly sources.

Survey Research

Resources to help you learn about designing a survey:

A survey would require you to develop a questionnaire that relates to your research question, administer the survey, and then analyze the results.

How to Create a Survey

Online Survey Tools:

Use these free online tools to help you to create online questionaires.

Best Practices in Primary Field Research