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Citations and Citation Management/Generation

Looking to corral your references all in one place, then this guide is for you!

RefWorks to EndNote

Move Citations from RefWorks to EndNote

There are two options on migrating RefWorks information to EndNote. These instructions with cover how to both migrate all items at once (without retaining folders), or one folder at a time and putting them into EndNotes Groups

These instructions are borrowed from the City University of Hong Kong's guide.

Migrating all references (No RefWorks folders are retained)

Have your EndNote Library open.

1. Open your ProQuest RefWorks Library.

2. Click the All Documents tab (left of page) to display all your references and check the box, Select all.

3. Click on the Share icon on the menu bar and select Export references.

4. Select RIS format and click Export.

5. To transfer references to EndNote:

  • For Chrome: Click on the downloaded file and select Open.
  • For IE: Click on Open.
  • For Firefox: Select Open with > Others > EndNote X9.
  • For Mac:

a. Click on the down arrow on the menu bar to open the Downloads box.

b. Double click on the file name: export.ris to add the references to the Endnote.


By default, the references will go into the Imported References folder in EndNote. They will transfer into the All References folder when new records are imported.

Migrating references in a RefWorks folder into a group in EndNote.

You need to transfer the folders one at a time.

1. In RefWorks, click on the title of the folder you want to export (left column) and click Select all.

2. Repeat steps 3 to 5 above.

The references will go into the Imported References folder in EndNote.

3. In EndNote, create a group. You may wish to give it the same name as the folder in RefWorks.

4. Click on the Imported References folder to display the list of the newly imported references from RefWorks.

5. Select all the references and drag and drop them into the newly created group.

Note: You cannot automatically transfer file attachments (e.g. PDF files) from RefWorks into EndNote. You have to do it manually.

Tip: A fast way to add PDF documents to your references is to use the PDF Auto-Import Folder. For more information, refer to the Managing PDFs page.

Citations in a Word document

If you have inserted citations into a Word document using RefWorks, you will not be able to insert citations in the same document using EndNote. It is advisable to continue using RefWorks or create a new document using EndNote.