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ICL 4761 - Aerospace Education in Schools

Viewing eBooks on the Mac

To properly view e-books within the EBSCO viewer on a Mac, users will need a PDF viewer plugin in Safari. EBSCO notes that PDF Browser Plugin works well and is free to download for non-commercial/educational use (the plugin also works with Firefox for Mac).

Problems with Creating a New Account in RefWorks

From the Safari Menu Bar click Safari/Preferences then select the Security tab. Click, "Show Cookies". Delete any image verification site related cookies. Then select the Autofill tab from the Preferences pane, click the Edit button next to, "Other forms". Delete any site related url's, click Done.

Relaunch Safari.

If you still have problems, go to ~/Library/Caches/

Move the "cache.db" file to the Trash. Relaunch Safari and try an image verification site.


This information is provided at .

Printing from McWherter Library Mac Computers

How to print from the Mac computers in McWherter Library

In order to print a document, it has to be sent to and released from the printer before you can receive an actual printout. Here are some steps:

1. Whatever application you are using (e.g. Word, Excel, PowerPoint), use the print command in that particular application to send your document to a printer.

2. To release the document, go to Click on "My Print Jobs".

3. Login using your UUID and password. Press OK.

4. After you login, you should see a list of print jobs waiting to be printed. Click on the box next to the document(s) you want to print and click the Print button.

5. The Mac computers are automatically setup to print to the printer in the Government Publications Department, room 107. Unless the user directs the print job to a different printer in a different location, the print job will go to the Government Publications Department, room 107.

6. For additional help click on "Support" or go to

Accessing UMWare from McWherter Library Macs

On our 2nd floor iMacs, UMWare is not pre-loaded. Here’s what to do on our iMacs:

Go to  Don’t click on the Apple icon—just click on Continue to Applications.  Then the steps are as follows:

  • Select the application needed
  • It will open in a download window
  • Select it again in the download window
  • Click Connect
  • The remote desktop window opens: enter your UUID/pass
  • Click OK for the “acceptable use policy” message
  • Application will launch in a window with the words “UMWare Applications: University of Memphis” at the top.