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Music-String Instruments Guide

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Call Number Ranges for String Instruments

Use these call number ranges to browse the shelves.

M40-M44   Violin solo
M45-M49   Viola solo
M50-M54   Violoncello solo
M55-M58   Double bass solo
M55   Other string instruments
M125-M129     Guitar solo
M217-M223     Violin and piano
M224-M228   Viola and piano
M229-M236   Violoncello and piano
M237-M238   Double bass and piano
M239   Other string instruments and piano
M276-M277     Guitar with piano accompaniment
M286-M287   2 string instruments
M292-M297     Duets (at least one plucked instrument)
M310-M314   2 string instruments and piano
M310-M386   Trios with at least one string instrument
M349-M353   String trios
M410-M414   3 string instruments and piano
M410-M486   Quartets with at least one string instrument
M450-M454   String quartets
M510-M514   Quintets with at least one string instrument
M550-M554   String quintets
M1012-M1013   Violin concertos (with orchestra)
M1014-M1015   Viola concertos (with orchestra)
M1016-M1017   Violoncello concertos (with orchestra)
M1018   Double bass concertos (with orchestra)
M1019   Concertos for other string instruments with orchestra
M1037.4.G8 & M1137.4.G8     Guitar with orchestra
M1112-M1113   Violin concertos (with orchestra)
M1114-M1115   Viola concertos (with string orchestra)
M1116-M1117   Violoncello concertos (with string orchestra)
M1118   Double bass concertos (with string orchestra)
M1134-M1135   Other wind instruments with string orchestra
[Saxophone, English horn, piccolo, etc.]

The art of harp making.