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SOCI 4999: Senior Thesis Seminar

This guide will assist students enrolled in SOCI 4999 (Senior Thesis Seminar) with library research.

Browse the shelves

At U of M Libraries, books are organized on the shelves according to the Library of Congress Classification. 

Sociology-related materials are primarily on the 3rd floor, but you can also find useful material in the Reference Collection (1st floor, Learning Commons) and online in our e-book collections.  Here are some selected call number ranges for shelf-browsing.

HC 10 - 1085 Economic history and conditions

HD 4801 - 8943 Labor. Work. Working class

HD 6951 - 6957 Industrial sociology. Social conditions of labor

HM 435 - 477 History of sociology

HM 831 - 901 Social change

HM 1041 - 1101 Social perception. Social cognition, including perception of the self and others, prejudices, stereotype

HN 1 - 995 Social history and conditions. Social problems. Social reform

HQ 1101 - 2030.7 Women. Feminism

HT 101 - 395 Urban groups. The city. Urban sociology

HT 401 - 485 Rural groups. Rural sociology

HT 1501 - 1595 Races, including race as a social group and race relations in general

HV 40 - 69 Social service. Social work

HV 6001 - 7220.5 Criminology

Subject headings & keywords

A subject heading or keyword phrase is a tool that helps you find books on specific subjects in online library catalogs. 

Below is a selection of headings and keywords related to a variety of social issues.  Click on them to see books about that subject in the McWherter Library collection (e-books and print format).

Digital divide

Pornography - social aspects

Online social networks

Green movement



Gender and difference

Religious pluralism


Same sex marriage

Educational equalization

Violent crime




Medical policy - United States

Use the online library catalog search box below to input your own keyword search.