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AUSP 7500: Evaluating Research

School of Communication Sciences and Disorders, University of Memphis


This guide highlights library services and resources to  help students in AUSP 7500 to start their research process. Students will learn how to access library resources and services.

Course description

The goal of this course is to help you become intelligent consumers of research, and to increase your appreciation of its role enhancing clinical practice in speech-language pathology. We will review types and levels of research designs, and basic statistical terms and concepts to take the first steps toward becoming clinician investigators, managing and evidence based practice. The course will involve lectures and group activities designed to help you quickly extract key information from a variety of descriptive and experimental research articles. Ideally this course will give you a better set of skills for understanding research methods and concepts used in both clinical practice research.

Learning Outcomes

1. Students will identify and explain processes used in research, recognize and describe different qualitative and quantitative research designs, and understand  how research designs relate to the concept of levels of evidence in evidence based practice.

2. Students will recognize common statistics used in communicative disorders research, and interpret basic descriptive measures, measures of association, and inferential statistics.

3. Students will demonstrate knowledge of research both in oral and written forms, including describing research concisely in group activities, and in using APA (6th edition) style in citing articles.


Instructor: Linda Jarmulowicz

Office: CHB, Room 3017

Phone: 678-5838


Office hours: By appointment (


Health Sciences Librarian and Associate Professor

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Irma Singarella
Health Sciences Library
Community Health Building, Room 2002
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