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Honoring Veterans

Gulf Wars

Selection of Government Documents

Iraq War

Call Number: D 1.2:Ir 1/7

Format: Paper


When It Mattered Most
Remembering Our Fallen Medical Personnel in Iraq-Afghanistan

Call Number: D 1.2:M 46/8

Format: Paper

War in the Persian Gulf Operations Desert Shield and Desert Storm
August 1990-March 1991

Call Number: D 114.2:P 43/3

Format: Paper and Online


With the 1st Marine Division in Iraq, 2003
No Greater Friend, No Worse Enemy

Call Number: D 214.14/3:IR 1

Format: Paper and Online


Humanitarian Intervention
Assisting the Iraqi Kurds in Operation Provide Comfort, 1991

Call Number: D 101.2:K 96/2

Format: Paper and Online


Among the People, U.S. Marines in Iraq

Call Number: D 214.13:IR 1/3

Format: Paper and Online


The United States Army in Operation Iraqi Freedom, May 2003-January

Call Number: D 110.2:OP 2/2

Format: Paper and Online



Battleground Iraq: Journal of a Company Commander

Call Number: D 114.2:IR 1

Format: Paper and Online



Eyewitness to War: The U.S. Army Operation Al Fajr: An Oral History

Call Number: D 110.2:W 19/V.2

Format: Paper and Online