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Black Composers

A reference guide for classical music written by black composers

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Use the U of M catalog as your first option for locating books, e-books, scores, journal titles (but not individual articles), audio and video recordings, electronic databases, and microfilm or microfiche.

For tips on searching: KeywordAuthor/ComposerTitleSubjectNumberAdvanced Search.

Don't forget to search for ebooks as well as those in hard copy.  Most of the titles in our collections of ebooks will be found in the catalog as you search, but some collections are not included.  It is important to check the collections themselves.  Click on the "Find ebooks" tab above to search for titles and to see video tutorials on searching and downloading ebooks.

On the Shelves

Call Numbers

Books and scores are given Library of Congress (LC) call numbers, which group similar materials together. Understanding the components of a call number will help you browse the shelves effectively.

  • M - Music Scores
  • ML - Literature on Music (biographies, histories, dictionaries
  • MT - Instruction and Study (theory, composition, pedagogy, self-instruction, excerpt books)

Overview of LC classification for Music - M

Anatomy of a Call Number for Scores

Basic information, found in all call numbers


Overall classification – Music Score


Narrower term – Piano Trios


Composer (Author) - Beethoven

Further information, to distinguish among similar items. Not all call numbers have the same number of lines.


Editor – Rafael


Publication Date - 1983