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Clinical Nutrition

Searching for Books

Look for a book using a title or keyword search on your topic.

  1. When you find a book that seems relevant, click on the title and then on the "Subject(s):" link to locate similar books.
  2. Copy down the call number and location.
  3. Go to your floor and locate the book (check with User Assistance if you have problems)

Locating Books

Books on clinical nutrition will be found in McWherter Library. Books with call numbers starting with A to K will be on the 3rd floor; L to Z on the 4th floor.
More specifically materials on food, food technology, human nutrition are found in the Library of Congress subclass TX, along with relevant sections of subclasses TP, GT, RA, and QP, as well as in the S and Z classes. Works on home economics, cookery, food chemistry, food safety testing, food supply safety issues, food contamination, the nutritional components of foods, food analysis methods and analytical tables, food additives, food design and production, and careers in the food industry, as well as the history of food, its preparation, preservation, and consumption are found in the core subclass TX. Also important to this subject area, is the TP subclass, which includes works on food processing and manufacture, technology, and all types of food engineering, and preservation, including refrigeration and fermentation, food additives and compounds, beverage technology, and fats and oils.

Some Books of Interest