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Off Campus Access

A guide to help users access services remotely

Remote Access

For a list of library database passwords, visit the password wiki page.

When attempting to gain access to resources from off campus you should see the following box:


When you see this box, provide your University User ID and Password and make sure that the University of Memphis radio dial is selected before clicking "Authenticate."  

If you are an RODP student user and did not register via MyMemphis, please select Regents Online Degree Program and enter the assigned username and password before clicking "Authenticate.”  To find the username and password:

1) Log in to the TN eCampus portal

2) Click on the Course where there research assignment is located

3) Clicks on the TN eCampus Virtual Library link at left at the course homepage

4) The link takes the student to a links and login information page.  There is a link to the instructor’s home campus library, and a link to the TN eCampus Virtual Library A-Z databases page.  There is also login information, username and password information, for the student, when prompted to login via the instructor’s home campus proxy login server.