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Welcome to my Solar System Guide. A Guide all about The Solar System

Welcome To My Solar System Guide!

This guide is designed to help students in the 5th grade understand What The Solar System is? Space is a captivating subject that encourages children to explore the world around them, allowing them to apply and expand their knowledge of the Solar System. The Solar System consists of planets, moons, and celestial bodies orbiting the Sun, including comets and asteroids. Learning about the solar system can be enjoyable for young children, as it exposes them to the beauty of twinkling stars, revolving planets, and the Sun,


Useful Videos about Our Solar System: Planets and Space

Exploring The Solar System

Defining The Solar System

Geographic and Government Resourses

Solar System Exploration

Students will discover interesting facts about our solar system. They will see a live view of eyes on the solar system in a real time visualization, using planetary science data. When the student explores through this website they will have the opportunity to look at a live view of each planet and gain some great information about it.

Map of The Solar System

Solar System Map

The diagram displays all planets, dwarf planets, moon, and asteroid belts in order from the sun, including their diameter, mass, and orbital period. The orbits of some bodies, particularly the elliptical dwarf planets, vary significantly as they orbit the sun. For instance, the furthest dwarf planet, Eris, is more than twice as far away from the sun as its closest.


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