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Why use EBSCO Curriculum Builder?


EBSCO Curriculum Builder is an-easy-to-use plugin already incorporated into your eCourseware course shell. You can access Curriculum Builder from the Content Section of your course shell under the Existing Activities button by clicking on External Learning Tools and choosing Curriculum Builder. From there, you can search the libraries’ native multidisciplinary QuickSearch to link directly to eBooks, scholarly articles, and other kinds of materials. You’ll find our search is much more robust than Google Scholar.

Why should you try Curriculum Builder?

  • You’ll be able to offer your students the most up to date scholarship as course materials.

  • You can easily search and link to course readings within your own course shell.

  • You can choose a variety of sources, including eBooks and scholarly articles.

  • These sources are included in the library’s subscription, which means that students don’t have to pay for them. A low barrier to entry increases a student’s chance for success.

  • You won’t be risking copyright infringement by providing free copies of your own materials


The library also benefits when you use Curriculum Builder!

  • We will be able to see usage statistics for article use, which allows us to advocate for more services and sources

  • We are able to work with you to make sure your able to provide the most useful sources for your students

  • Curriculum Builder introduces students to an academic library online environment, increasing their confidence with scholarly sources and search environments.


We’d love to help you learn Curriculum Builder!

  • Locate training times on our calendar at

If you have any questions, please email us at