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CJUS 4110: Advanced Applications in CJUS - Keenan

Intellectual Reflections Assignment Description

There are twelve (12) intellectual reading reflection at 25 points apiece for a total of 300 points. Each intellectual reading reflections should be 1000 words.

The intellectual reading reflection will include the main points of each article we read. It may also contain references to class discussions, current events, quotes you liked, questions you have, and feelings and thoughts it inspired. The purpose of these intellectual reading reflections is to help you stay current with the readings, organize your thoughts for class participation, and record your intellectual development over the semester.

Intellectual reading reflections should be double-spaced, typed, and a copy brought to class. In addition, the “Final” Intellectual Reading Reflection should be uploaded each week in Courseware by Sunday at 11:59pm. Your intellectual reading reflections will be graded on substance; however, failure to follow directions in word count or style will reduce your total grade on the reflection by one letter grade. For further instruction and rubric please see course shell on Courseware. 

Intellectual Reflections Rubric

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