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CJUS 4110: Advanced Applications in CJUS - Keenan

Agency Budget Assignment Description

Review the operating budgets for various criminal justice organizations. You can find copies of local budgets at the courthouse, police stations, business offices, etc. Some budgets are placed online. See links on the left side of the screen to get started. 

After reviewing the budgets (See links on this page.), you will be required to create an operational budget of your own. You are to plan for one of the following a medium size: police department, sheriff’s office, correctional facility, detention center, courthouse, or community supervision agency. It should be a workable proposal, paying attention to the needs of the organization you chose. Do not use an unreasonable total, such as $5 million for a five member police force. Try to imagine all the personnel and expenses that would be required for your agency to operate for a year. Your grade will depend on the attention to detail and probable effectiveness of the budget for the organization you describe. 

The paper should include a comprehensive description of the agency – personnel, departments, income sources, etc. – which should be at least 5 pages, double-spaced typed (font size not larger than 12). The actual budget will follow and should be long enough to cover all the required items for the annual operation of your agency.