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Memphis Composers

Memphis area composers, including current and former faculty, students, community members.


Dr. Laura Ricketts Hoffman holds a Doctorate of Musical Arts in composition from the University of Memphis where she studied with Don Freund. Hoffman's music has been performed in Canada, the United States, and Australia and she has received commissions from Upstream, Dalhousie University, CBC Radio, and the Aeolian Singers. Her eclectic compositions have been influenced by a broad range of music, from Bartók to Spike Jones.  Hoffman was a founding member of the Memphis Composers' Alliance, Inc. and has served as its President and Secretary. She has also been Secretary of the Atlantic Canadian Composers' Association, Executive of the Canadian League of Composers, and a member of the Southeastern Composers' League and Society of Composers, Inc.


" the depth, or in the height above." viola, cello 1989  score

Concerto for Piano piano, full orchestra, 1987 score

Darker colours, trombone and piano, 2002. Commissioned by Dale Sorensen with assistance from the Nova Scotia Arts Council 

Sing a New Song, SSA Youth Choir, 2002

Fog, Soprano, double bass, vibraphone, 2002

the sea forever changed, string quartet, 1998/2002,

Around in Circles, guitar and chamber ensemble, 1998.Written for Joey Tucker

And who will fill the void, string orchestra, 1997/2002, written for the Dalhousie Chamber Orchestra

It's just another puzzle, soprano saxophone, 1997, written for Darcy Fiander

Dick and Jane and Mr. McGuffey, flute and piano, 1997

Jester, solo piano, 1995

And with the leaving, Compline brass ensemble, 1995, written for the Sewanee Festival Brass

Not everyone agrees, saxophone quartet, improvisational as well as notated sections, 1995, written for Trevor Dimoff

Can If I Want To, chamber ensemble, improvisational as well as notated sections, 1994, commissioned by Upstream

Everything Is Free, SATB, piano, text by George Elliott Clarke, commissioned by Dalhousie University for the Fall Convocation, 1994

Some Places More Than Others, piano suite, 1991/94,

La Barque Mystique, Soprano saxophone, violin, 1993

Just Around the Bend, string quartet, 1994,

And Through the North Passage organ, 1991

It will never, ever... cello, 1990,

Says Who! violin, piano 1989,

One by One, viola, piano, 1987

Autumn Song, violin, 1986

Crossfire trumpet duet, 1985