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Memphis Composers

Memphis area composers, including current and former faculty, students, community members.

Stan Friedman, 1951-

Dr. Stanley Friedman is a professor of composition at the University of Mississippi. He earned a Doctorate of Musical Arts in composition from the Eastman School of Music. His compositions have been premiered by the New Zealand Symphony Orchestra, the Memphis Symphony, L'Ensemble Intercontemporain, the Los Angeles Philharmonic Chamber Music Society, Luur Metalls, the Canadian Brass and by major soloists and ensembles at Music festivals around the world. He is a five-time winner of the International Trumpet Guild Composition Prize. His solo trumpet work Solus has become a world success, with multiple CD recordings and programming on recitals and trumpet competitions in many countries. Friedman's first opera, Hypatia, premiered in concert at the New Zealand International Festival of the Arts.

Friedman's performance history includes principal trumpet positions with the New Zealand Symphony, the Israel Philharmonic, the Hong Kong Philharmonic and other orchestras. He has performed with the Los Angeles Philharmonic and recorded for motion pictures, television and commercial CDs. His solo CD The Lyric Trumpet was honored as "Best Classical Recording" by the New Zealand Music Awards. He also has taught trumpet at Victoria University, Tel Aviv University, the Interlochen Arts Academy and other institutions. Friedman now presents master classes and solos and conducts in concerts of his music at universities and conservatories across America and internationally, with recent tours in Austria, Germany and Switzerland.

In addition to his work as a composer and performer, Friedman writes books for children. His novels I, Dinosaur and Quantum Outlaws are available from Bellissima Publishing.



HYPATIA (1991; grand opera for 6 soloists, chorus, dancers and orchestra): commissioned and premiered (in concert) by the New Zealand International Festival of the Arts, 1992; recorded for Radio New Zealand; 


CLASSICAL CONCERTO IN C (trumpet & orchestra; 20 min.)

CONCERTO GROSSO (1981; Chauber Orchestra, featuring horns, trumpets, tympani): commissioned and premiered by Pasadena Chamber Orchestra (California, 1982);

HYPATIA SUITE (1990; orchestra): recorded for Radio New Zealand by the New Zealand Symphony; EDITIONS BIM

Symphony No. 1: A Divine Symmetry (rev. 1992; orchestra): EDITIONS BIM

JERUSALEM FUGUE (1996; horn and strings): commissioned by the International Horn Society and Israel Philharmonic, principal James Cox; EDITIONS BIM

CANTATA No. 2: Then Spoke Solomon (1997; baritone voice solo, chorus, orchestra) EDITIONS BIM, pub. pending duration: 30'

REGENESIS (1998; orchestra): commissioned by Opera/Memphis; premiered by the Memphis Symphony Orchestra, conducted by S. Friedman; 1998 EDITIONS BIM


MORAVIAN CANTATA (2006 new edition for SATB choir, brass quintet, organ; 24 min.)

MORAVIAN CANTATA (1985; soprano, 12 brass): commissioned and premiered by the Moravian Trombone Choir of Los Angeles;, pub. duration: 24'


Music for Winds

THE BITTER AND THE SWEET (clarinet, trumpet, piano, percussion; commissioned by Pastiche; 8 min.)

ARTEMISIA SKETCHES (1995; solo clarinet): premiered by R. Feller at Rhodes College (Tennessee); EDITIONS BIM 1 pub. Duration: 10'

"THE BREMEN TOWN MUSICIANS" (1995; woodwind quintet, actors or narrator): commissioned by Mississippi Sym. EDITIONS BIM, pub. Duration: 13'

B'SHERTAH (1996; clarinet, trumpet and piano): premiered at Rhodes College, Tennessee; EDITIONS BIM, pub. Duration: 9'

THUMBARENA (1996; E-f flat clarinet, piano) EDITIONS BIM, pub. Duration: 4.5'

FREELANCE DANCE (1999; flute & harpsichord): commissioned and recorded by Bart Feller)"Elysian Fields"; Bart Feller, solo flute EDITIONS BIM, pub. Duration: 4'


Music for Brass

ZEPHYR DANCES (versions for brass quartet and quintet; 12 min.)

SPANISH DANCES (brass quintet; 2003 ITG 1st Prize; commissioned by Louisville Brass; 20 min.)

PARODIE I (1975; brass quintet): premiered by New Louisville Brass Quintet, 1976;
Winner of NLBQ Competition; recording: Crystal LP, USA (Annapolis BQ), pub. Duration: 8'

ANTIPHONIA IV (1978; trumpet sextet): premiered at Univ. of North Carolina; recording: Crystal, USA (Dallas Trumpets LP), pub. Duration: 7'

TEN VARIATIONS (1978; two trumpets/horns/clarinets):, pub.Duration: 12'

PARODIE III (1979; solo trumpet, solo tuba, brass quintet): premiered by Los Angeles Philharmonic, 1980; commissioned by San Diego BQ;, pub. Duration: 8'

FANFARE 1983 (8 brass):, pub. Duration: 2'

TRIO FOR JIMMIE STAMP (1984; trumpet or horn trio); EDITIONS BIM, pub.Duration 3'

FANFARE 1984 (10 brass):, pub. Duration: 3"

PARODIE V-China Variations (1984; brass quintet): commissioned by the New Mexico BQ; Winner, 1985 ITG Award; premiered by ITG (New Mexico, 1985);, pub. Duration: 10'

FANFARE 1985 (horn, trumpet): commissioned and recorded (Crystal, USA) by Hustis and Giangluijo;, pub. Duration: 2'

VARIATIONS ON THE RAG (1985; brass quintet): premiered by Theophilus Brass (California);, pub. Duration: 4'


PARODIE VII (1986; solo tuba, 6 brass, 2 perc.): commissioned by Thomas Stevens; premiered by l'Ensemble Intercon-temporain (Paris);, pub. Duration: 10'

LA PITTURA-Parodie VIII (1992; solo trumpet and brass quintet): ITG First Prize; premiered by ITG in Ohio, 1993; EDITIONS BIM, pub. Duration: 14'

TRUMPETS OF SOLOMON (1996; 2 trumpets) EDITIONS BIN, pub. Duration: 9'

B'SHERTAH (see music for winds)

ALPINE LAKES (1997; horn quartet): commissioned by the American Horn Quartet EDITIONS BIN, pub. Duration: 13'

FOUR FREILACHS (1997; brass quintet): premiered by Theophilus Brass Quintet, California EDITIONS BIN, pub.Duration: 10'

JERUSALEM FUGUE (see orchestra)

CONCERTO IN C FOR TRUMPET & PIANO (red., see orchestra)


Solo Trumpet


SIDEWINDER (solo trumpet; 2 min.)


CLASSICAL SONATA in C or B-flat (trumpet & piano; 17 min.)

SOLUS (1975; solo trumpet): premiered by S. Friedman at the Eastman School of Music, 1975; ITG award winner, 1978; recordings: Pro Musica, Norway (Antonsen), Cypres Records, France (Presle), Ode Records, New Zealand (Friedman) EDITIONS BIM, pub. Duration: 12'

LAUDE (1980; solo trumpet): commissioned by ITG; premiered at ITG (Colorado, 1981); recording: Crystal, USA (R. Giangiuho); pub. Duration: 14'

SONATINE (1977; trumpet and harp):, pub. Duration: 6'

POEM FOR A FALLEN HERO (1998; solo trumpet): EDITIONS BIM, PUB. Duration: 3'

SONATA-Parodie IX (1995; trumpet and piano): commissioned by Univ. of Memphis; premiered by D. Spencer at U of M, Tennessee; required rep, Lieksa, Finland competition EDITIONS BIM, pub. Duration: 23'

FOUR ETUDES (1996; trumpet, clarinet or horn) EDITIONS BIM, pub. Duration: 6'


Other Brass Solos

OS (1976; bass trombone): premiered by C. Olson, Eastman; ITA award-winner SEESAW, pub. Duration: 6'

OSSIA (1980; solo tuba):, pub. Duration: 8'

TOPANGA VARIATIONS: (1983; solo horn): commissioned and premiered by Froydis Wekre (California, 1983); recording: Crystal CD, USA (wekre); SEESAW, pub. Duration: 9'

SONATA FOR TROMBONE AND PIANO (1999): commissioned by Andrew Malloy; premiered September, 1999 EDITIONS BIM, pub. Duration: 16'


Wind Ensemble

HEART OF DARKNESS (wind ensemble; commissioned by the University of North Carolina/Greensboro;18 min.)

A TWIST IN THE WIND (wind ensemble; commissioned by consortium of 10 universities; 19 min.)

PRIZM plays Friedman