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Memphis Composers

Memphis area composers, including current and former faculty, students, community members.


Dr. Mark E. Bradshaw holds a Bachelor of Arts and a Doctorate of Musical Arts in composition from the University of Memphis and a Master’s of Music from Rice University’s Shepherd School of Music. Bradshaw currently pursues avocation in the Episcopal Church and his religious faith informs much of his current musical practices. In addition to his musical and religious pursuits, Bradshaw has interest in traditional Karate.


Amethyst : for flute, oboe and violoncello

Angel Music : for full orchestra  score

Ann's song : for piano

"As the angels of God in Heaven" : for solo trumpet

At the sound of His great trumpet : for B♭ trumpet solo score

Bethany : for string orchestra and piano

Blue vision : for clarinet solo

By His everlasting love : for piano solo

Currents : for unaccompanied euphonium

Day follows night : for woodwind quintet

Dorado : an oboe duet

Elegy : for brass quartet

Empty cages : for orchestra score

Evocation for flute solo

Five movements : for violin solo score 

Four preludes : for piano

Gethsemane : for violin and piano

Glory score

Golgotha score

Heavenly ascent score

Illumination : for piano solo score

In time : for flute quintet

Jesus, dearest : for soprano, viola and violoncello score

Kyrie : for SATB choir, piano, bass and percussion

Lynn's song : for piano

Maranatha : for violin and piano score

Marriage feast of the Lamb : for B trumpet and piano

Mirage : for alto saxophone and piano

Monument : for small orchestra score

Mourning songs : for piano solo

On the blood of the martyrs : for piano solo score

Peace : for piano

Poem of solitude : for small orchestra

Psalm 1 : for SATB choir and piano

Rapture : for piano solo score

Reflections : for piano solo

Reflections on the mystery of the Holy Trinity : for oboe solo score

Relentless : for flute, oboe, bassoon, viola and violoncello

Sacred meditations on the life of Jesus : for piano solo score

Sadness : for violin and piano

Solace : for flute, oboe and violoncello

Solitude : for flute solo score

Sonata : for violin and viola

Sonata no. 5 : for piano

Sonata no. 6 : for piano solo

Sonatina : for violin solo

Spirit poem : for oboe and piano score

String quartet no. 2

String quartet no. 3

Three : for three percussionists

Three reflections on the mystery of the Holy Trinity : for oboe solo score

Trinity : for string trio

Two prayers : for soprano and piano

Veni sancte spiritus score

Waiting : for piano

We praise You, Lord Christ : for bass voice and piano score