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NURS 7000 Theoretical Foundations

This guide includes library and information resources available for Nursing students and faculty.

Current RefWorks classes

To request a training session on RefWorks, please make a research consultation appointment!

RefWorks on LibGuides

Check out the RefWorks LibGuide

RefWorks Basics

Introduction to RefWorks

RefWorks is a citation-management software package similar to EndNote, ProCite, and Reference Manager. RefWorks is web-based. Thus as long as you are a registered user, RefWorks can be used from any computer with Internet access and you can also work off-line. There is even a mobike app. RefWorks allows you to export bibliographic data from commercial, government, and library databases into your own personal database(s). You can organize this database however you like--leave everything in one big file or sort references into folders based on subjects or specific projects.

NOTE: If you are an EndNotes user, you are able to import EndNotes references into RefWorks, OR with registration on the Web of Knowledge platform (also available through the UofM), you can have access to EndNotes Web. If you are not already an EndNotes user, we recommend that you use RefWorks.


For help with RefWorks, call Research & Information Services (901-678-2208)