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NURS 7000 Theoretical Foundations

This guide includes library and information resources available for Nursing students and faculty.

Current RefWorks classes

To request a training session on RefWorks, please make a research consultation appointment!

RefWorks on LibGuides

Check out the RefWorks LibGuide

RefWorks Basics

Introduction to RefWorks

RefWorks is a citation-management software package similar to EndNote, ProCite, and Reference Manager. RefWorks is web-based. Thus as long as you are a registered user, RefWorks can be used from any computer with Internet access and you can also work off-line. There is even a mobike app. RefWorks allows you to export bibliographic data from commercial, government, and library databases into your own personal database(s). You can organize this database however you like--leave everything in one big file or sort references into folders based on subjects or specific projects.