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CJUS 4533: Juvenile Delinquency Theory Process - Keenan

This is a course guide that will be useful to anyone doing research related to Dr. Jenkins Keenan's CJUS 4533 course.

What are Databases and Why Do You Need Them?

Tiger Quick Tip

Keys to Successful Database Searching

  • Choose the right database or databases for your topic.(Below are links to suggested databases for criminal justice, psychology, and sociology.)
  • Use effective keywords or search terms in our search. 
  • Instead of spending a lot of time searching, spend the majority of time looking at the search results (articles) carefully. Read the abstracts, not just the titles. 

Searching for more than 10 minutes?

Go to the Help tab and contact your librarian!

Criminal Justice and Criminology Databases

Psychology Databases

Sociology Databases

Social Work Databases


Streaming Media

Frequently Used




Political Science Databases

Education Databases